Monday, June 13, 2011


I chose this picture for my blog because adults this age are very stressed. The dog looks to be enjoying his surroundings so much (the beach, who doesn't like the beach?) that he seems to emitting happyness and a feeling of contentness.

I chose this template because adults like cleaner, simpler designs while it still being bright and cheerful.

my blog was named "man's best friend" because it gives a sense of camaraderie to those that might feel isolated in the work force.

Dogs are wonderful

I know that my life has become hectic in a flash. I know that I'm not a special case and I shouldn't be feeling bad for myself. My dog is the remedy to all my worries. His life is so simple and joyful, and when I'm feeling down he never hesitates to snuggle up to me, look up with those sweet eyes and let me know that everything is alright. My dog encourages my to take care of my body. I feel like he takes me out on walks, not the other way around. These walks are like a form of meditation for me. I am able to think simply and just enjoy my surroundings.